About SUPREME AIM for the speakers of Conferences

The Suicidology Research Center of Vilnius University organizes annual conferences on methods of suicide intervention in Vilnius, to which prominent foreign scientists, authors of articles are invited. Conferences are aimed to psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and other professionals working with people at risk of suicide.

The 3rd conference held on November 30, 2018. prof. dr. David A. Jobes (Catholic University of America, Washington, USA), who has developed the Collaborative Approach to Suicide Risk Assessment and Management (CAMS), and  dr. Stephen O’Connor (University of Louisville, USA), who  conducting research on early intervention after suicide attempt, participated and shared their insights and experiences.

Jonny Benjamin (32) and Neil Laybourn (36) (United Kingdom) met on the Waterloo Bridge in London, when Jonny was about to commit suicide, and Neil walked past him, not suspecting that the conversation would turn into a long-standing friendship and collaboration about stigma of health problems and suicide prevention. This whole story was co-written with Jonny in Britt Pflugger’s book, “The Stranger on the Bridge”, and both men are still working closely to combat the stigma of mental disorders. They were talking about this history in the conference.

On November 15, 2019 the 4th Vilnius Conference on Suicide Intervention Methods was held. Famous specialists working in the field of suicidology shared their experience and insights: prof. Heidi Hjelmeland (Norway), prof. Rory O’Connor (United Kingdom), dr. John R. Jordan (USA) and Morten Thomsen (Denmark).

Each year, psychologists working in the SUPREME AIM project participate in the conferences.  Speakers of the conferences are introduced to the activities of our project SUPREME AIM, thus disseminating the best practices of the Lithuanian Rotary organization in the world.