On 5 December 2019 International conference “DISSEMINATION OF BEST PRACTICES FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION” took part in the Parliament of Lithuania (Seimas). The Conference was organized by the Seimas Commission for Suicide and Violence Prevention and was moderated by commission Chair Mr. Robertas Šarknickas.

Welcome address presented by Mr. Arvydas Nekrošius, Deputy Speaker of the Seimas and H.E. Shiro Yamasaki, ambassador of Japan in Lithuania.

Initiative of Japanese journalist, scientist and founder of the NGO Lifelink  Mr. Yasuiki Shimizu was an international speaker and presented “Experience of Japan in suicide prevention”. Initiative several years ago was started by him and now developed to huge state programme on Suicide prevention in Japan. The model has many similarities, what Rotarians are doing in Lithuania during last 4 years. Global Grant project “Suicide prevention model and his application in the municipalities of Lithuania” was mentioned as a prospective case in the presentation of Mr. Marius Strička, Head of Suicide Prevention Office, National Mental Health Centre, who was talking on the topic “Suicide prevention in Lithuania: challenges and opportunities”. During the term of the Conference Lithuanian Rotarians, who took part in the Conference, met Seimas Commission for Suicide and Violence Prevention Chair Mr. Robertas Šarknickas and Mr. Yasuiki Shimizu, presented activities of the SUPREME AIM in 11 municipalities of Lithuania. District 1462 long term programme on Suicide prevention was discussed as well with Ignas Rubikas, Head of Mental Health unit, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, who make presentation on „Suicide prevention policy: relevance and development”. He responsible for a plan for suicide prevention measures, specifying activities, funding, timelines and perpetrators and preparations of guidelines for the development of strategic documents on mental health (including suicide prevention), including integration into relevant national strategy papers.

Rotarians E.Katinaite from Vilnius International RC, N.Stankevicius from Marjampole RC, K.Jacunskas from Anyksciai RC,  M.Kasmauskis from Ukmerge RC and V.Grinis from Kaunas RC took part in the Conference.

Video (LT):