Project Committee meeting-2

Minutes of SUPREME AIM project Committee skype meeting.

Data: 26 MAR 2019 (9 p.m. LT time, 8 p.m. NO time).

Participated: Vygintas Grinis (Kaunas RC), Georg B. Jenssen (Gjovik RC), Bodil Hagen Saegrov (Gjovik RC) and psychologist Dr. Said Dadašev.


  1. Project status for work with communities.
  2. Cost status related to budget.
  3. Status on the governmental initiative to make Suicide Prevention plans.
  4. Suicide statistics in Lithuania updates.
  5. Info on psychological health resources in the communities.
  6. Any other business.


1.       Initial meetings and research of the situation (activity 1) started in the municipalities of Kupiskis on 16 JAN, Druskininkai on 18 JAN, Panevezys distr. on 11 FEB, Silute on 15 FEB, Marijampole on 18 FEB. Working on the algorithms for Municipalities Akmene took part on 22 OCT 2018, Anyksciai on 23 NOV 2018.  Trainings addressed to the front-line institutions and local communities (activity 2) completed in the Municipalities of Taurage on 5 DEC, Druskininkai on 28 FEB and 1 MAR, Panevezys distr. on 26-27 MAR.  Supervisions for the persons involved in suicide prevention model implementation (activity 4) took part in the Municipality of Ukmerge on 13 DEC 2018, Kupiskis on 4 and 13 FEB.  Project was presented during RI Convention 2019 held in San Diego 13-19 JAN, PETS of Rotary District 1462 on 23 MAR held in Klaipeda.  Activities of the project was presented on the webs of the above-mentioned Municipalities.

2.       Spending’s of the budget was presented for all members of the Committee in separate sheet before meeting. It was fixed full control of the spending’s in all budget lines. At the moment 31 % of all budget was spent.

3.       It was mention that order No. V-859 of the minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania “Approval of the Description of the Procedure for Assistance to Suicide Victims Suffering from Suicide and Sufferers of Suicide Crisis” came into force since 1 FEB 2019, which is intended to regulate specialists‘ responsibilities while working with suicidal people. Accordingly drafts of the algorithms for Municipalities must be corrected, to fill in responsibilities of the medical doctors described in several steps of the algorithms. Team of the psychologists, working in SUPREME AIM, organized consultations between themselves and proposed corrections of the algorithms.

4.       Update of the suicide statistics in the country was made including 2017-year dates. The sheet was distributed to all members of the committee before meeting. It was mentioned that new dates of 2018 must be available very soon, usually they are published by Health Information Centre of Institute of Hygiene in the spring of each year. In absolute numbers decreasing of the cases are visible in all the country: 2011 – 1018; 2012 – 927; 2013 – 1085; 2014 – 930; 2015 – 896; 2016 – 826; 2017 – 748. Taking the average account cases per 100000 inhabitants for 7 years the worse situation remains in the Municipalities of country sides. Municipalities participating in the project:  Kupiskis – 60,3; Vilkaviskis – 46,9; Pasvalys – 46,6; Ukmerge – 42,2; Taurage – 41,3; Anyksciai – 40,1; Marijampole – 38,7; Druskininkai – 37,3; Panevezys distr. – 36,9; Akmene – 36,8; Silute – 34,6. All above average of all Lithuania – 31,0. In comparison best situation is in Municipalities of cities: Klaipeda – 19,7; Palanga – 16,4; Vilnius – 15,8.

5.       It was stressed a lack of psychologists and psychiatrists in the Municipalities of country sides. For example Kupiskis Municipality, in the course of the supervision, specialists not only enjoy the results, but also identify the existing problems in the area: the dependency of the clients with psychoactive substances is especially prevalent (including those who return after the treatment of addiction diseases center), it is necessary to improve the accessibility of Kupiškis PASCC to mental health specialists (at this point, the psychiatrist and the psychologist only take clients here 2 days a week). Similar situation is in the most of the smaller Municipalities, where no more than one psychiatrist and one psychologist are working full-time in a week. Educational specialists talk about the need of a child and adolescent psychiatrist in the Municipality, the necessary support of teacher assistants for children with mental illness or disorder, developmental or traumatic children.

6.       Was agreed to plan next skype meeting on the 25 JUN 2019.

Vygintas Grinis