Project Committee meeting-1

Project’s Committee Skype meeting took place 10th December, 2018

Participated: Vygintas Grinis (Kaunas RC), Georg B. Jenssen (Gjovik RC), Bodil Hagen Saegrov (Gjovik RC) and psychologist Dr. Said Dadašev.

We are glad to share some related results:

1. Keeping schedule of the project implementation.

All activities are going according planed time schedule. Project website (activity 7) was developed and launched on the 1 SEP 2018 with initial information about application, roles of the 11 Municipalities and input from Rotary Foundation, Districts and Clubs. Content of the project full field, updated and managed after every job done during 1 SEP -10 DEC 2018 (activity 8). Visit of Dr. Geetha Jayaram, vice chair of RAG on Mental Health Initiatives, to help implement project took part during 13-20 SEP 2018  (activity 5) and widely presented on the webs of Rotary Institute 2018 zones 15 and 16 ( , Rotary District 1462 ( , GG1743565 ( and in local magazine “Moteris (Women)” issue NOV 2018. Initial meetings and research of the situation (activity 1) started in the municipalities of Taurage on 22 AUG together with round table discussion  „Suicide prevention: problems and practice of good cases“, Akmene on 7 SEP, Anyksciai  on 17 SEP, Pasvalys on 09 OCT, Ukmerge on 18 SEP, Vilkaviskis on 12 OCT. Trainings addressed to the front line institutions and local communities (activity 2) completed in the Municipalities of Akmene on 2-3 OCT, Anyksciai on 24, 25, 26 OCT and 6-8 NOV, Pasvalys on 03 DEC together with conference “Steps of suicide prevention in the Municipality of Pasvalys district”, 04 and  12-14 DEC, Vilkaviskis on 7,8, 14, 15 and 22,23 NOV.  Supervisions for the persons involved in suicide prevention model implementation (activity 4) took part in the Municipality of Ukmerge on 28 NOV.  Evaluation of the project (activity 9) started in the municipalities of Vilkaviskis on 7 NOV and Anyksciai on 8 NOV 2018. Project was presented during Rotary Institute 2018 zones 15 and 16  held on 13-16 SEP in Vilnius, during conferences “Learned lessons  of suicide prevention in the Municipalities of Lithuania” held on 04 OCT in Kaunas, “3-th Vilnius conference on methods of suicides interventions“ held on 30 NOV in Vilnius. Activities of the project was presented on the webs of the above mentioned Municipalities.

2. Input from the municipalities during trainings and feedback from local authorities.

Very positive feedback from the authorities of Municipalities Taurage (6 groups, 166 specialists trained), Akmene (6 groups, 140 specialists trained), Anyksciai (6 groups, 145 specialists trained), Pasvalys (4 groups, 78 specialists trained),  and Vilkaviskis (6 groups, 154 specialists trained) obtained. Great input was done in organizing groups of front line institutions and local communities, presenting premises and equipment for trainings and supervisions. Each local Rotary clubs participated in the organizing activities and delegated member to the local suicide prevention group.  13 members of Ukmerge RC themselves completed course on suicide prevention implications on 28 NOV led by psychologist Valija Sap.

Members of the SUPREME AID project Committee:

Kestutis Jacunskas (Anyksciai RC),
Bodil Hagen Saegrov (Gjovik RC),
Vygintas Grinis (Kaunas RC),
Georg B. Jenssen (Gjovik RC).
Missed in photo Linas Dubickas (Vilkaviskis RC), Knut Kvalvagneas (Fraena RC).