Dr. Geetha Jayaram

From Rotarian Action Groups 2017 Annual Report:

Suicide Prevention in Lithuania – In partnership with Rotary District 1462, the RAG supported a program that aims to reduce suicide rate in Lithuania, which is currently as high as 9.4%. The program entails (1) the development of a local community-based suicide prevention model based on the algorithm of communication and cooperation of the local institutions at the front line of suicide acts, attempts and intentions, and (2) the implementation of the model by series of training addressed to the front line institutions (police, healthcare, social care, education, emergency, etc.) and local communities, enabling them to act in an effective and coordinated way in suicide related emergency situations as well as have effective prevention tools. RAGMHI’s Vice Chair Geetha Jayaram and other two RAG officers, who are certified in Suicide Prevention training in th US and Canada, provided consultation on the program.