Kęstutis Kėvalas

“In the field of war, you are not asking what are person’s faith, attitude or political views. In the field of war you have to band the wounds. In this sense, these people are victims of the war field. Often the war in which they find themselves, not even theirs” says Catholic bishop Kęstutis Kėvalas, who talked to the representative of the social project “Bridges of the help”. Often the priests are approached by errant souls, not only dependent persons, but also with mental disorders, depressed, even thinking about suicide? “Often enough. Especially when people come confessional in the church or on duty at the office. Each priest faces such people because they desperately seek help. The priest has a great task of separating when there is a disease, and when a person is seeking spiritual help. In case of illness, priests are encouraged to refer people to professional medical care – specialists. Unfortunately, it’s not always lucky. Some are offensive: you didn’t understand me, you thought me as a mental patient! But I think that telling the truth to a human helps more than clinging to reality. Maybe not accepting that idea at first, he will return to the priest’s words and will go to the specialists”.