Visit of dr. Geetha Jayaram in Lithuania

Volunteer 6 days (13 -19 SEP 2018) visit from RAG on Mental Health Initiatives Dr. Geetha Jayaram to help implement the GG1743565 project “Suicide prevention model and its application in the municipalities of
Lithuania [L1]”.

Geetha Jayaram (Rotary club of Howard West), vice-chair of RAG on Mental Health Initiatives, has been involved from the very beginning of the project planning.  She took part in the second District 1462 conference held in October 2015 named “The role of contemporary leader in the prevention of suicides” and agreed to help implement the project, provide consultations, supervisions for project quality assurance. Dr.Geetha Jayaram a psychiatrist and associate professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, who has dedicated her life to helping people in her native India and the United States overcome the torment of severe depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and other mental illnesses. She was honored with the
2014-15 Rotary Foundation Global Alumni Service to Humanity Award.
During 6 days trip to District 1462 she was a speaker  at Rotary Institute zones 15 and 16 (15 SEP 2018, Vilnius) „No health without mental health“, where she raised idea to concentrate efforts of Rotary International Foundation to Mental Health problems round a world, when Polio program is going to the final solution. Together with her husband PDG 7620 Jayaram Kumar she visited municipalities of Anyksciai district and Ukmerge district, where took part in the meetings of Crises management teams, met Mayors. In the municipality of Ukmerge district trainings of „goal keepers” already done and soon supervisions will start. In the municipality of Anyksciai district trainings will start in October. Dr. Geetha Jayaram met psychologists Valija Sap and Said Dadasev, who provides analyses of the situations in the municipalities, trainings and supervisions in selected municipalities. She also had meetings and talks with experts of suicide prevention from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Department of Health Psychology, where presented lecture “Preventing inpatient and outpatient suicide: common pitfalls and areas for improvement“ and Vilnius University Department of Clinical and Organizational Psychology. During those days she and PDG 7620 Jayaram Kumar visited regular meetings of Anyksciai RC, Panevezys RC, Panevezys Arta RC, Vilnius Gelezinis Vilkas RAC, met leaders of Ukmerge RC, where shared practice from Maanasi Clinic in the village of Mugalur, Karnataka. Rotarians of mentioned clubs participates in Crises management teams of mentioned Municipalities.

During intensive 6 days program Dr. Geetha Jayaram contributed with consultations and personal practical information, which will help to improve results of the GG project and will help to continue Rotarians efforts in long term D1462 Suicide prevention program in Lithuania.
Rotary club of Howard West also contributed to funding of GG1743565.